My sculpture practice revolves around the (mis)translations and abstractions that occur when a work moves from one material or medium to another through a series of artist enacted moves and counter-moves. Perspectives are shifted and viewers’ expectations of the object are reconfigured, stone and wood transform into fabric, and small ceramic objects through photography resemble eerie bodily forms. Three dimensions are flattened into drawings and at times extruded back into sculptural works which bear the scars of this forced manipulation.  

The work is often graphic and labor intensive. Repetition is a constant throughout my practice, this is evident through process, quantity, and pattern. I allow material investigation, labor, and the construction techniques to inform the aesthetic of the work. Interactions between the audience and the artwork and how an installation responds to its potential surrounding architecture are both considered during production.

Having grown up in Los Angeles around the movie and entertainment industry, artifice and the fabrication of false realities has been an ongoing interest of mine for quite some time. Past employment at a theme park that was also a running movie studio (Universal Studios Hollywood) and a theatre/playhouse has magnified this fascination.

I continue to investigate the intersections that my life has had with this industry and its divided internal world: the zone of the paying guest viewing the costumed character and the backstage province of the employee where a headless Spongebob smokes his cigarettes.


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